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      A Look into the Evolution of the E-Cigarette Technology

      As technology evolves through time, gadgets are becoming smaller and smarter – a concept that also applies to?vaping. Bargain E-Juice says that evolution has resulted in modern e-cigarettes entering the multi-billion market. Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, invented the modern e-cigarette in 2003. It has since then become a technologilly-challenging and increasing thriving business. Many companies consistently release the latest products related to vape devices to appease the market’s demands. Many tobacco companies who have added vape items into their product lines ...

      5 tips for working from home from a veteran remotee

      Working from home requires a certain amount of discipline. But, with a few tips, it n be put into practice relatively easily. 1. Maintain data security and privacy, especially at home Data protection and the security and privacy of customer and company data are top priorities whether you’re working in the office or from home. Make sure your employees and colleagues are aware of and maintaining data protection and security. Ensure that all employees’ hard drives are encrypted and that data or passwords are not externally stored (or written ...

      Open Source Software for Accountants

      Accountants created accounting software that works well with open-source software. It is lled GoDBLedger. It addresses issues that have disturbed other solutions for accounting software and increase productivity drastilly. The industry of software development and accounting has definite parallels. Imagine that the accountant’s ledger is a codebase and that it is the job of the accountant to edit and navigate the ledger before ensuring that it is compiled into reports that a user n consume, understand, and work with. It is the same way Linux enterprise’s codebase is developed, maintained, and released to users. ...

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